„I sometimes CRY when I have an ORGASM!“


„I sometimes CRY when I have an ORGASM.“

My girlfriend shared with me a year ago.

And I sometimes rage with anger when I have an orgasm.
And I sometimes laugh for hours on when I have an orgasm.
And I sometimes go through all the emotions during hours lasting deep full body orgasms. That I can give to myself.


It feels like a year in emotions passed in these places where time stops.
And then my body is anew, energized and inspired.

☝️I haven’t always been like that.

☝️I didn’t know what is possible and why.

☝️I didn’t know what to ask for in an intimate relationship, because I haven’t explored myself. I was more worried about the satisfaction of my partner and forgot myself.

My perception of intimacy was skewed by the mainstream view of sex. Objectification from attraction to orgasm and done. I felt great for a moment, but empty in the long run.
The dissatisfaction was so deep and I knew there is more. When I learnt how to use my pelvic floor muscle all these full transformational experiences started happening. I wish I had someone to lead me through it. It was INTENSE and at the same time amazing, because now I can share the HOW, WHAT & WHERE with YOU!

And why would you want to do it? Because your emotions and your body is directly connected = psychosomatic. Anything in your body that is screaming for attention can be an emotion in your pelvic floor. Once it’s released the expression of it in your body goes away. In my case for example INCONTINENCE. In your case it can be cysts, skin problems, lower back pain, food, alcohol cravings …anything.

You will never know unless you are ready to commit to yourself and are DONE pretending!

From a relationship to yourself blossoms a relationship to your ALIGNED dreamed partner. Your life is waiting for you to say YES to yourself!!!

Are you READY to take yourself there? I AM! NOW …

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